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31 Short Spiritual Practices by Rob Fennell

“In this little jewel of a book, Rob reminds us of our own lives by asking us to pay attention … Every spiritual practice aims at changing us and helping us become better persons, more invested in our own lives.” – from the Foreword, Cláudio Carvalhaes, PhD, Union Theological Seminary, New York

“A lovely, sincere, deep little book that is accessible and easy to use.” – Andrew Richardson, Minister for the Office of Vocation (Atlantic), The United Church of Canada

“I often read things I think are wise, or compassionate, or gentle, but seldom do I read anything that is all three. This is one of those rare books. For anyone seeking to grow their spirituality but finding it a daunting challenge—and maybe that is all of us—this is a beautifully accessible starting point.” – John Bowen, Emeritus Professor of Evangelism, Wycliffe College, Toronto, ON

“A generous offering to answer a longing for this kind of spiritual direction.” – Catherine Faith MacLean, Senior Minister, St. Paul’s United Church, Edmonton, AB

“It’s a beautiful book … very approachable.” – Andrea Buttars, Wesley Director of Resource Development & Social Enterprise, Hamilton, ON

“Giving thanks can be simple but not always easy. This collection is a welcome gift for novices and for seasoned practitioners looking for a fresh way to connect with the divine in their lives.” – Dawn Davis, Assistant Professor of Contextual Theology and Director of Leadership for Ministry Programs, Huron College at Western University, London, ON

“It is all too easy to breeze through our days unaware of the Holy in our midst. By picking up this book, you will discover a grace-filled invitation to engage in simple, everyday practices of gratitude, wonder and thanksgiving. It might just change your life, and in turn, the whole world around you.” – Ross Lockhart, Dean of St. Andrew’s Hall, Vancouver, BC, and author of Lessons from Laodicea and Beyond Snakes and Shamrocks

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